found my orchids full of life sucking leeches in the garden of delight
sugar berries, crispy teeth
learning about life lessons in Orchids Reich
sucking ducklings on the verge of killing I was the first one around
I have five floating ribs exceeding one another dusty bones grinding beneath
and there;
no mercy for no dog my eyes are scorching my limbs
translucent is my skin o naked feels my flesh
to the ground
another time he’ll come around
and there;
no soul crushes in front of the mirror where your tears flow into rivers arising buds growing gentle
yet there is danger
in the cove of forgotten
you melt and it reeks and all that was solid
pours into
which has hatched into a maelstrom
filled with a monstrous
as the pearls hang loosely
around your neck and
the scattering laughter keeps burning on your tympana and the tomb has many tunnels
which all lead to denial
casted away at the break of dawn
even though sun never sets on this side of town
and those orchids dropped dead and this maelstrom still spinning
and I am a delta
ramifying in every direction becoming one hot gloop
a first rank mess
a pathetic metaphor
for what I have and what I have not and what I am yet to become
no teeth, no gums
no spine, but lots of tongue
teaching life lessons in Orchids Reich
I am a river
I am delta
ramifying in each direction becoming one hot gloop
a first rank mess
a pathetic metaphor
for all that I am and all that I am not
rule one, as the tree is finite
it therefore, cannot grant infinite life
rule two, TV-Blue keeps me up a fortnight
rule three, never exceed;
the threshold of life is set to resist
rule four, if a fish were to write a memoire, everything would be ramshackle
rule five, parlez vous français?
rule six, one, plus two, plus three, makes six
rule seven, there is no seven
rule eight, new study reveals that being lonely is worse than smoking 15 bogies a day I always pick a flower to death
I always pick a flower to death
and I used to be a delta ramifying in every direction a sticky stuffy gloopy mess
the birds are calling though
the fruits are still too sour
and apparently ambivalence is the new black
perchance it reasons why I havent left my bed all day
and the scent of fresh cut grass weighing heavy on my chest
everything stuffy too much grass
and I used to be a delta
yet now
I am a fountain
spitting filthy truths in every direction a germ spreading glupe
like a virus
freezing software I am 
 like Wikileaks
hunting without prospects for what seizes to be a myth
whilst polishing old tales and silverware
my greatest fear
of growing old haunts me while I dream
wading life forever
becoming mold in the window pane
let us neglect subsequent time and become in the light of day
living with eyes closed being without moving
we know we are
a girl
made up of flesh and bones a homo erectus updated living the roots of the earth in innocence
we know we are
a girl
filled with
nothing knowing knowledge
minds a mess
I know it I don’t know it I cares it