♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

[Breathe in]

When you inhale, your diaphragm and intercostal muscles contract and expand the chest cavity.
Gas flows in through the airways and inflates the lungs.

[Breathe out]

When you exhale the diaphragm and inter coastal muscles relax and the chest cavity gets smaller.
Gas from the lungs flows from the airways, outwards, onwards.

The cycle repeats with each breath.

[Breathe in]

Air passes through your epiglottis towards the alveolar membrane.
An exchange of gas occurs rapidly.

As oxygen enriches the blood which pumps throughout the body,
Carbon dioxide leaves the alveolus with every exhale.

[Breathe out]

[Breathe in]

[Breathe out]

[Breathe in]

[Breathe out]

Rapid shallow breathing can cause a buildup of carbon dioxide.

Cortisol. Release. Adrenaline. Release.

[Breathe in.]

Panic can kill in numerous ways.

Oxygen serves as the fuel to our molecular bodies;
When under water the lack of oxygen creates malfunctions of the cycle.

Hypoxia occurs, reality becomes a faint.

Your intestines
Retained in a zip lock.
[Breathe in]

[Breathe i n]

There is a cold fire nurturing my lungs and it reeks like treasures.

Devour this water, like oxygen.

[Breathe out]

Did you know that the average male is approximately sixty percent water, and the average female

Around fifty percent water?

We are born in a womb, coming to be as a liquid.

[Breathe in]

The sound of desolation weighs upon you,

Then a voice:

Draw a card,
The four of spades, great card.

[Breathe out]

The four of spades is the card of satisfaction and protection through hard work.
They have one of the most fortunate life paths in terms of money and success
And usually enjoy the work they do.

[Breathe in]

Draw another card,
Again, The four of spades.

[Breathe out]

Four of spades.

[Breathe in]
Four of spades.

[Breathe out]

As we breathe, we breed.

Our vapors shoot back and forth until they hit hard glass.

I can see the hunger in your eyes, as venomous pearls hang loosely around your neck.
Slowly, tightening, suffocating.

[Breathe out]

Four of spades.

With blocks of ice melting inside your hypophyseal, you freeze.


Retained by an endless amount of catastrophes you butcher yourself, you forget to breathe.

[Stop breathing]

To suffocate,
You forget to breathe.

[Breathe in]

[Breathe out]

Endless amounts of deficiencies they seize upon you, yet not relatable to you.

Confronted by pitch blacks and darkness,
Educated by lifelessness,

Of possibilities that have never been ours,

Of ancestors that never existed

Choking on bowels and floaties

With undeveloped gills between your thighs

With tentakels you never had

Reaching out for destruction

And exfoliation of your membrane.

[D o n o t b r e a t h e]

Which brings you to depths of drunkenness,
Where all fluids have been extracted by matter which never made minds

Concealing the peripheries of being an unborn in a womb filled like an archive of treason.


Your mind is an act to kill.
Venom is your juice.



R e m e m b e r ?

You lost it.

Yes, no. Yes.

[When was the last time you gulped for breath?]

Four of spades,

Fo ur of spades,

War on spades,

W a r o n s p a d e s ,

Feel the memories return of small arms

Of pistols and snipers and rifles

Scour to find a hole in the turbulence of these meters of gibberish.

The fog incapsulated the data of your soul and now that is where your mind is at.

Cast away.

My body, as a wasteland,

I lie amongst the arbitrary

My blood thick of phosphor,

The vessels of a corpse,

A moment stills, I step,
I stand,

I hold still.