Do bathe in my navel and fold between my knuckles,
As the same images keep returning to my retina, just in front of the pituitary gland.


The tv-blue of sleepless nights and restless legs
White noise, and the sound of desolation weighs upon you


Shifting perspectives,
Apparently pilots have experienced that free fall can trigger a feeling of confusion between the self and the aircraft.
While falling, people may sense themselves as being things, while things may sense that they are people.
Traditional modes of seeing and feeling are shattered.

Lets bring that back into perspective.


Feeling like a machine? The machine may feel just like you.

Like the cold feel of rock, which pours in to my cup, and I feel solid and prominently empty.


Flat lines.

But low resolutions are the result of our overstrained eyes.

Linear perspective creates the illusion of a quasi-natural view to the “outside”, as if the image plane was a window opening onto the “real” world.



Everything always repeats its self,

Always and sometimes.